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SWRiddick - Snatched
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2023, 07:05:01 AM »
SWRiddick - Snatched 17 pages
 By The Giantess

The comic book SWRiddick – Snatched By The Giantess follows the story of a young man named Riddick who discovers his newfound fascination with giantesses. Riddick is a regular-sized man, but his dream is to be with a giantess – someone bigger than him that he can look up to and admire from afar. Through various encounters, Riddick discovers his passion for the giantess fetish.

The giantess fetish is a relatively niche community, comprised of people who find themselves aroused by spectacle of a giantess – a woman typically hundreds of feet tall – in situations of domination over a smaller figure. Common scenarios feature the giantess holding a tiny person in her hands, a giantess towering over a city skyline, or a giantess interacting with some other miniature object.

In the comic, Riddick soon comes to terms with his unusual fixation and decides to pursue it. He soon finds himself getting swept up in a world of giantess fetishists, where he meets women who are larger than him but still exotic and endearing. In SWRiddick – Snatched By The Giantess, Riddick finds himself in a variety of situations with his new giantess friends, visiting new places, fighting giant monsters, and experiencing various sexual encounters. All the while, Riddick is learning about himself and his newfound love for giantesses.

Through this comic, readers can discover a unique corner of


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