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SWRiddick - Harsh Penal System
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2023, 07:25:28 AM »
SWRiddick - Harsh Penal System 10 pages

The comic book 'SWRiddick - Harsh Penal System' tells the story of a giantess who uses her size and strength to enforce her own version of justice - a harsh penal system.

The giantess is an imposing figure, towering over those around her. She has a strict set of rules that she enforces in order to keep 'order' in her territory. Those who break the rules face her wrath - and that wrath is something few can endure.

The giantess loves to punish those who break the laws she has set for them. She enjoys the feeling of power and control that comes with being able to mete out justice as she sees fit. She has an exhibitionist streak too, flaunting her size and strength to intimidate and coerce those around her.

The giantess's fetish for harsh penalties is often the subject of the comic. It is both a source of excitement and fear for the characters, and a source of entertainment for the reader. The giantess's mood changes quickly, and her punishments can be both cruel and creative.

It is a fascinating but unsettling look at the giantess's fetish for harsh punitive justice. It is an exploration of the power dynamics between the giantess and her victims that leaves both the characters and the reader with a feeling of unease. If anything, the comic serves as a warning of how quickly power can be abused.


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