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SWRiddick - Unscientific 1
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2023, 06:31:23 AM »
SWRiddick - Unscientific 1 311 pages

The Giantess fetish is a fantasy in which a person is in a position of dominance over another person of much smaller stature. It is often sexual in nature, with the giantess often being seen in a sexual position of domination and control.

The comic book SWRiddick - Unscientific 1, highlights this fantasy. The story follows the adventures of an egocentric extraterrestrial giantess named Riddick who uses her size and power to enslave various humans in her universe.

The comic book displays the fetish in an exaggerated and sometimes grotesque manner. The giantess is often seen using her size and strength to literally crush the hopes and dreams of those around her, including her victims. This is a symbol of the power dynamic that is often associated with a giantess fetish.

The giantess also often uses her size and strength in a sexual manner. In one particular scene, she even goes as far as to force one of her victims to sleep with her in order to save his own life. This is a direct example of the dominant nature of the giantess fetish.

The comic does a good job of showing both the exciting and frightening aspects of the giantess fetish. It also shows that while the giantess may be powerful and intimidating, she is also capable of love and tenderness. This comic book is a great way to explore the giantess fetish for those curious about it.


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