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RedFireDog - Hazel Fucks Cities
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2023, 05:35:29 AM »
RedFireDog - Hazel Fucks Cities 12 pages
One year ago, Jessi grew five miles tall over Portland. Countless videos disseminated, and were watched countless times by people all over the world. No one enjoys watching those videos more than Jessi herself...

For some, the idea of a giantess is a powerful and attractive fantasy. The idea of a woman growing to monstrous proportions and dominating the world around her holds a certain appeal to many. RedFireDog's comic book "Hazel Fucks Cities" explores this idea of a giantess fetish, and follows the titular character Hazel as she grows to enormous sizes and wreaks havoc on the cities around her.

As Hazel grows, her power over cities and the people within them expands with her. She becomes a giant demigoddess, with a towering presence and the ability to make the ground shake with every step. Her size allows her to cause destruction like never before, as she shows no mercy and won't stop until everything before her is in ruin.

Hazel's size also gives her the ability to control the people around her. She is able to manipulate them with her words, and her sheer presence can make them do her bidding. This power is intoxicating for Hazel, and she relishes in it.

Hazel's dominance and attractiveness makes her an exciting protagonist, and her exploits are a thrill to witness. The reader will explore the depths of the giantess fetish, as Hazel brings her own brand of chaos and destruction to the world around her. It's a wonderful journey to take, and a fantastic way to explore the fun of the giantess fetish.


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