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RedFireDog - Hazel Fucks Cities
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2023, 01:57:27 AM »
RedFireDog - Hazel Fucks Cities 9 pages
One year ago, Jessi grew five miles tall over Portland. Countless videos disseminated, and were watched countless times by people all over the world. No one enjoys watching those videos more than Jessi herself...

The Giantess fetish is an exciting fantasy for many people. RedFireDog's comic book, Hazel Fucks Cities, takes this fantasy to the extreme.

The main character, Hazel, is a giantess with an insatiable appetite for destruction. Her world is an expansive one, with her towering above buildings and people. Hazel's size gives her unlimited power, and she uses it to her advantage as she ravages cities with her bare hands. She topples tall skyscrapers, creates massive tsunamis, and even routinely devours entire populations.

Fortunately, Hazel is not all destructive. Despite her craving for destruction, she is also a loving and compassionate giantess. She occasionally rescues victims who are in danger, and she even has a soft spot for those who worship her. To these admirers, she showers them with affection and grants them special favors.

Those who enjoy RedFireDog's comic book are bound to find Hazel's story exhilarating. For anyone who fantasizes about giantesses, this is a must-read. Follow Hazel as she storms cities and overcomes those who oppose her with her prodigious size and power. This comic is sure to be a favorite among fans of giantesses.


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