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RedFireDog - Kaylee: Redux 1
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2023, 07:53:55 AM »
RedFireDog - Kaylee: Redux 1 9 pages

Kaylee Kloss was Hollywood royalty. Soon she'll be a Hollywood goddess. She dreams that she's a a giantess rampaging through the city, until the buzzing of her phone wakes her up. After her sister tries to steal the spotlight, Kaylee tries to take back the attention back any way she can. After trying to dissolve a charitable foundation she inherited, Kaylee encounters a a growth device that she mistakes for a tanning bed, and bullies the technicians into letting her use it.

Kaylee is excited when she grows a few inches taller, but she panics when the growth spurts keep coming! Now almost eight feet tall, Kaylee lashes out violently at the technicians who helped her. She chases them out of the building, smashing through a pane of glass. When they try to escape in a sports car, she stomps on their car's hood and pulls them out. Kaylee hears sirens, and she orders a receptionist to drive her away. While she's riding in the back of a van, Kaylee has yet an unfortunately timed growth spurt, but that's just the first of many. Soon, Kaylee's giantess dream will becomes reality...


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