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⁣Sydney knows just how insignificant you feel. She barely even noticed you standing there, but now that you've got her full attention, she can't help but remark about your "short" energy. It's obviously you have a short little dick, and she can sense the submissiveness oozing off of you. On top of that she makes fun of your short little stature. She orders you to take all your clothes off, she wants to see you in your full shortness.  Look at you, standing naked in front of her. You like taller women don't you? Wait, you don't have much of a choice do you? LOL!! Sydney knows how often women make you feel even shorter, even more insignificant. Wait.. are you getting even smaller now? All from her completely degrading you and pointing out all your short-comings? It's undeniable, the more she degrades and humiliates you, the shorter you become. She starts comparing you to her tall, big-cocked lovers and laughs as she watches you shrink down even more.  She laughs at how small you're getting! It's just getting worse and worse for you and there's just less and less of a chance you'll ever get to fuck her. Well, if you're lucky maybe she'll allow you to worship her ass as her short little bitch! Or maybe if you get small enough she'll use you as one of her sex toys or even a butt plug, how do you like that you tiny little loser!? Just be careful not to shrink away to nothing before she can make use of you.
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