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RedFireDog - Gigantocracy
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2023, 02:43:33 AM »
RedFireDog - Gigantocracy 204 pages

Princess Claire can't believe her bad luck. At only 50 feet tall, she's the shortest of the three princesses, despite being the oldest. There's nothing she wants more than to finally tower over her sisters for good, and she'll do anything to become the biggest...

While the queen is away, her sisters make her do throne duty. While Claire takes some pleasure in tormenting the tiny petitioners, she quickly grows bored. Claire lashes out against her sisters, and uses her magic crown to grow much bigger, nearly outgrowing the gigantic throne room. Unfortunately for her, the queen returned in that very moment, and she wasn't pleased...

The queen punishes Claire and her sister by ordering them to destroy a rebel invasion of an allied castle. After using their crowns to grow much bigger, the sisters crush the rebel army, stomping on dozens of soldiers and devouring a choice few. But after defeating the army, an Amazonian noblewoman gives her thanks to the princess, and Claire gets a devious idea. She could eat the noblewoman, and grow bigger for good!


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