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JOB - Amazon Mom 3
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2023, 01:45:27 PM »
JOB - Amazon Mom 3 179 pages

Becky's life is about to change... for the bigger. Just a week after she grew for the first time, the 20-foot amazon is offered an invitation to a mysterious party at a mansion upstate, where she can rub shoulders with wealthy Amazonian elites. But when sexy maids and servant girls start to pleasure the amazons, Becky realizes this isn't just an ordinary party!

Becky brags to the other amazons about how much she can grow in a single night. The tallest Amazon, a wealthy older woman named Elizabeth, bets that Becky won't outgrow her before the night is over. Becky takes the bet, and then dominates the maids. The other maids watch as the growing petite blondes pleasure the towering Becky, and the curvaceous amazon starts to grow even bigger! Then, the other amazons get in on the fun, and soon they start to grow as well!

Back in the city, Becky's daughter Hazel just had her first growth spurt, and her ***friend doesn't know how to take it. Hazel used to be slender and submissive, but now she's a towering Amazon with a massive ass. "Please be gentle," her ***friend asks. But as she rides on top of her ***friend, Hazel can't help but unleash her dominate side, and with each orgasm she grows even bigger...


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