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Vore Vixens – Her Date Satisfies Her Hunger, Vore
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2021, 10:47:39 AM »
Duration: 0:14:28
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format: mp4
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Please note this is a Vore style Fetish Video, some light nudity, but more focused on the the roleplay, shrinking/transformation fantasy, and vore. We just got back from a nice dinner date, I have invited you to stay over, I slipped on a blue robe and talk about how enjoyable the dinner was and it was a great choice, (although little do you know I still have a desire for more, still a bit hungry, and I already plotting my plan for what I will consume next.) I ask if you want a beverage or shot of something, and step away into the kitchen to mix up a shot for both of us, however I bring out my special “pill” and mix it up in your beverage, thinking to myself how you don’t have the slightest clue whats about to happen to you this evening and I am feeling the urge come over me, I want to eat you put you right down my throat into my belly. I walk in and have you take a sip, and then I start to take down my robe, looking sexy and hoping for a good time, but something went wrong. Usually the special “mixed beverage” takes a little longer to effect someone but you are already starting to feel dizzy, and blurry. A little disappointed without actually showing it I switch to comforting side and tell you its okay, come lay down you’ll feel better in the morning.

After a little bit I open my eyes and the excitement rushes through my body, because your my next victim, my shrunken pet and my special treat. I grab a container to put you in and your awake trying to ask whats going on, of course I barely hear you because now your micro sized. Slipping you into the container I get close and talk about whats going on, explaining to you what I like to do. Lure my dates in, have a little fun, and then swallow them alive. I love the feeling as you slip down my throat into my belly and your next. I already did it to my ex bf, but I am just not getting much a rush anymore from old ex’s or boyfriends, so now I enjoy a one time date, and then get my swallow on. I pick you up by my hands (pov) dangle you around a little bit, letting you look at my giantess body now that your so small, and then bring you to my mouth and ask if you ready, of course I think your screaming no but I don’t care I already licked you and you have a good taste and I am hungry.

I place you into my mouth and things become blurry, and dark as you disappear sliding down my throat into my belly, I could feel you moving around in there, but you won’t last long, this Is the end for you. Touching my breast and my belly I talk about how many that is now, how satisfying that feeling is, and start thinking of what I want to eat next, maybe a group, maybe ill host a party and shrink them all, so I can really fill my belly to the maximum.
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