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Zoey Shrinks foot perv HD Version
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2021, 10:33:38 AM »
Duration: 0:12:25
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format: mp4
Size: 562.54 MB

I wake up confused in the dark when suddenly my sky opens and I see Zoey looking down at me. I was following her around the store staring at her feet so she shrunk me down and stuck me in her purse. She smiles down and tells me she’s taking me home to get her revenge and there is nothing I can do about it. She then pulls me out and holds me very close to her face – inspecting me with fascination. She starts licking her massive lips and holding me up close to them – talking about how easily she could make me her snack. Then she dangles me way up over her open mouth and threatens to drop me down into her belly before changing her mind.

A pathetic foot freak like me deserves to end under them so she puts me on the floor and sits up above me with her leg crossed so the sole of her foot hovers perilously overhead. She tells me to stare up her sole and imagine myself being stuck to it. She tells me she’s going to enjoy smashing me under her sole so I can’t harass anymore women. A foot perv like me is nothing more than a little pest anyway so this is how I should disappear. She looks down at me as she wiggles her painted toes overhead and tells me she won’t feel one bit guilty about crushing me like a bug.

(Tilt cam up to avoid stitch line) Then she stands up tall and towers over me like a skyscraper – pushing her painted toes towards me and mocking how tiny I am in comparison. She then lifts each of her soles, hovering them over my tiny frame and getting off at the thought of grinding them down on me. She watches me between her toes and slowly presses her foot down on me, increasing her weight as she relishes my torment. She is in ecstasy as she feels my tiny body start to smash underneath her sole. She ignores my squeaks and tells me I deserve this. We maintain eye contact as I peer up between her toes so she can enjoy every moment – telling me to hang on as long as I can. She lets up just before I break but only to draw it out. She then lifts her sole one last time and again tells me to hang on for her. She slowly brings the ball of her foot down and grinds down on me – peering down at me between her toes. She tells me she feels my tiny body-popping underneath her sole and then everything goes black

Keywords: zoey , pov , feet , vore


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