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RеdFireDog - Titаniа 9
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2022, 08:15:36 AM »
RеdFireDog - Titаniа 9 214 pages

After Titania broke up with her, Jeanette is in a pretty bad place. Surrounded by cops, she does what would have been previously unthinkable: actually shrinking down and turning herself in... after stepping on a couple of cops on her walk over! Now "only" about ten feet tall, Jeanette is fitted with a power-restricting necklace and put in a specially-built cell, where she's going to spend the rest of her life... unless Titania breaks her out!

Titania tries her best to live without Jeanette. She goes on with her job as a superhero, chasing down a duo of criminals, squishing one and swallowing another. Then, she goes on a date with a Zuzanna, a muscular blonde woman who works as a prison guard. Things quickly get steamy, and the pair have some hot amazonian sex... But afterwards, Titania finds herself still pining for Jeanette, and so she comes up with a plan to break her lover out of prison!

After using Zuzanna's uniform to sneak into the prison, Titania tears the door of of Jeanette's cell and smashes her power-restraining necklace. As the two make out, they quickly begin to grow, until Titania can barely fit in the cell block! She smashes into the next cell, and an Amazonian Jeanette helps feed some prisoners to Titania!

Titania and Jeanette's growth sends them smashing through the roof. "There's a new warden here!" Titania announces. Now, towering over the prison yard, Titania decides to chase down groups of criminals and flatten them under her boot. Jeanette watches and pleasures herself with a handful of female prisoners. But after a prison guard refuses to stand down, Jeanette has to finish him off underfoot, and another guard brings out the big guns!


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