Author Topic: SizeChange - Karen We Shrunk Ourselves  (Read 837 times)

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SizeChange - Karen We Shrunk Ourselves
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2022, 09:01:04 AM »
SizeChange - Karen We Shrunk Ourselves 138 pages

Casey and Chase sneak into their moms lab for fun. Chase ends up activating a shrink ray on accident and shrinks down Karen's car. He didn't realize that Casey was inside the car when it happened. Chase now amused at his new tiny sister picks her up. The ray then activates again, shrinking down Chase too, but Casey shrunk with him and is now even smaller. Chase then tries to run over to turn off the shrink ray but gets shrunken again too. Karen then returns to her lab and almost steps on her ***s not seeing them shrunken on the ground. She decides to test her shrink ray on herself and shrinks herself down a bit. Before Karen shrinks, Chase jumps on her toe to try to get her attention and ended up shrinking down with her. Karen then unshrinks herself, leaving Chase at tiny micro size. Casey eventually gets her moms attention and Karen unshrinks her. They then find Chase, but he is too small to use the shrink ray on. Karen decides it's a good idea to shrink herself small enough to pick up Chase, then grow them both larger. Casey shrinks her mom down, but it doesn't go as planned....


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