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TetsuGTS - The Right Attitude
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2023, 10:26:33 PM »
TetsuGTS - The Right Attitude 46 pages

TetsuGTS – The Right Attitude is a comic book that explores the fetish of giantess. It follows a young woman named Tetsu as she embarks on an erotic adventure and discovers her own desires. Tetsu is a petite, shy woman who lives her life quietly until one day she has an encounter with a giantess. The giantess is powerful and captivating, and Tetsu cannot resist her. As she gets to know the giantess, she finds out that being so small and powerless can be incredibly erotic.

Tetsu begins to explore her own feelings for giantesses and discovers that she is attracted to them. She becomes increasingly aroused by the giantesses’ power, size, and strength. She revels in the feeling of submission and helplessness while being cradled by a giantess.

Over the course of the comic book, Tetsu’s feelings grow and her journey deepens. She begins to explore the eroticism of giantesse and shares her experiences with the reader. Along the way, she learns to embrace her desires and accept them as part of her identity.

Ultimately, the comic book encourages readers to accept themselves, even if their desires may be seen as strange or taboo. It paints a vivid and honest picture of the joys and challenges of exploring the giantess fetish. It also offers a thoughtful look at the ways in which our own feelings, no matter how unconventional, can offer us a unique


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