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TinyAIguy - In a giantess' hand
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2023, 03:26:34 AM »
TinyAIguy - In a giantess' hand 16 pages

TinyAIguy is a comic book about a man named AIguy who ends up in the hands of a giantess. The giantess has a fetish for giantess play, so she wants to play with her tiny toy. She picks him up and places him on her palm, then uses her other hand to pet him and play with him. She moves him around, shows him off to friends, and puts him in various poses. She also takes him on exciting adventures and plays mind games with him.

The giantess loves how AIguy looks in her hand and loves the power she has over him. She loves to control him and make him do what she wants. She loves that he loves her attention so much. AIguy loves the giantess's attention and being in control of her. He gains a sense of security from being so small in the giantess's hand, knowing he's safe from any threat.

The comic book shows the different types of giantess play that can be experienced. It also shows the pleasure the giantess and AIguy get from their relationship. It shows how something so small can bring joy to a giantess and how she can enjoy taking care of someone so much smaller than her. It also shows the power dynamic between them and how they both benefit from it.


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