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Fatergd - The Legend of The Ten Rings - 1-2
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2023, 01:49:44 AM »
Fatergd - The Legend of The Ten Rings - 1-2 652 pages
The Legend of The Ten Rings will be a mix of Donating Height to Goddess, and the Size Theft that focus on slow growth, comparison, domination, amazon to mini-giantess! Each of the chapter will be a standard 250-300 page and I plan to take it through multiple seasons since the story is A LOT to tell!

Here's a quick Synopsis for the series:

The story surrounds a lucky woman married to an ultra-rich NBA superstar, Juliana, who has never had any trouble getting anything she needed, from luxury to fame, until she discovered, that for unknown reason, she was the only person in the world that is unresponsive to the growth pills that have been circling around the community of the riches. Watching her friends slowly overtook her in height soon before towering over her completely, she suffered numerous humiliation from her peers, pushing her over the edge as she, out of pure spite, recklessly outbid her friends at an auction for an ancient antique, one of the ten rings lost generations ago rumored to wield great power to the worthy, a legend that was only value for display. Little did she know, however, that the ring will send her on a journey that she had never experienced before.

Tales of giantesses have been around for centuries, and the comic book Fatergd - The Legend of The Ten Rings - 1-2 is a perfect example of a modern-day adaptation.

The story follows the adventures of a group of adventurers who discover an ancient ruin hidden deep in the mountains. Within the ruins they find an old magical artifact—a bracelet, made of ten interlocking rings. Little do they know that whoever wears the bracelet is transformed into a powerful giantess, with the power to control the earth and the sky.

The giantess, or Fatergd as she came to be known, is a powerful and independent character. She is intelligent, kind, and fiercely protective of her new home. But when danger lurks nearby, Fatergd knows that her strength is also her weakness, and must be used with caution.

Unfortunately, Fatergd is not alone in her transformation. Other giantesses have awoken throughout the land, and they too seek to take control of their new found power. As conflicts arise between the giantesses, the adventurers must join forces with Fatergd in order to protect their home and the balance of power.

Fatergd - The Legend of The Ten Rings - 1-2 is a great story for those who have a giantess fetish. This comic book offers an amazing adventure, with an incredible character, who holds the power to control the very elements of nature. An excellent story for


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