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TetsuGTS - Dream Resort 3.2
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2023, 11:22:36 PM »
TetsuGTS - Dream Resort 3.2 77 pages
Walker is only 33! Can you believe it??

TetsuGTS: Dream Resort 3.2 is a comic book about the Giantess fetish. In this story, readers are taken to a world where giant women reign supreme. In this story, there are giantesses who are goddesses of size and power, as well as giantesses who are regular people living their daily lives. While the giantesses’ size is not the focus of the story, their power is something that is explored.

The story follows two main characters, a human (Tetsu) and a giantess named Gari. Tetsu is a human man who works as a resort manager at a giantess-exclusive resort, and Gari is a giantess who takes up residence in the resort. Both characters are unaware of each other’s presence until one day when Gari causes the entire resort to come to life.

From here on out, the story follows the two as they explore their newfound feelings for each other. As they dive deeper into their relationship, they explore their shared fetish for giantesses. Through intimate moments and conversations, they learn to accept and embrace their feelings for each other.

The comic does an excellent job at handling the giantess fetish with respect. It is tasteful and never exploitative, and it does not portray giantesses as objects of desire. Rather, it shows that giantesses have feelings and desires of their own, and that it is possible to form meaningful relationships.



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