Author Topic: I'm Going To Look For My Little Guliver  (Read 85 times)

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I'm Going To Look For My Little Guliver
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2023, 05:30:23 PM »
I'm Going To Look For My Little Guliver 21 pages

Once upon a time there lived a Giantess who loved her little Guliver like nothing else in the world. She was so enthralled with him that she had a strange fetish for him. Every time she saw him, she would become so excited that she was practically salivating at the thought of picking him up and playing with him.

The Giantess was so obsessed with her little Guliver that she would constantly search for him. She was always on the look-out for him wherever she went. She never wanted to miss a chance to be around her little one and have fun with him. She was confident that she'd eventually find him, no matter how far she had to travel.

The Giantess was so happy when she finally found her little Guliver. She was relieved and felt like her search had been worthwhile. She was even more delighted that he was so excited to see her too. She immediately scooped him up in her arms and started playing with him.

The Giantess's fetish for her little Guliver was so strong that she couldn't help herself. Every time she saw him, she felt like she was in a dream. She'd always be filled with happiness and excitement, and it wouldn't stop until he was safely back in her arms once more.

The Giantess was always so content and happy when she was with her little Guliver. She couldn't help but feel like she was the luckiest Giantess in


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