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Sasha Curves - Giantess Scientist Shrinks Her Professor
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Sasha Curves - Giantess Scientist Shrinks Her Professor

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Sasha Curves was an ambitious scientist who had always been fascinated with giants and the wonders of the world they occupied. But her research soon uncovered a phenomenon she had never heard of before. In her lab experiments, Sasha discovered the Giantess fetish, a sexual fascination with the idea of being a giantess.

The discovery piqued Sasha’s curiosity, and she began to explore how she could incorporate the desires of giantess admirers into her research. After some experimentation, Sasha perfected a compound that could temporarily shrink a person to the size of a pebble. Sasha was confident in her scientific breakthrough, and decided to test it on one of her professors.

Sasha leaned over the professor’s desk, and with a few sprays from a bottle, she temporarily reduced him to the size of a pebble. He was absolutely amazed by the experience, and it awakened something inside the professor. Sasha was now certain she had confirmed the reality of the giantess fetish.

Sasha shared her newfound knowledge with her peers, and soon the giantess fetish became part of the scientific community’s dialogue. Sasha, who Shrunk her professor, was now celebrated for having a deep understanding of the Giantess fetish, and many people wanted to hear more about her discoveries.

Sasha Curves’ research opened up a new world of exploration in the realm of giantess and fantasy. Her lab experiments created an entirely

Bdsm and Scat Fetish Site

Femdom is one of the areas of BDSM culture. The word comes from English. FemDom – female domination. It is translated as the dominance of a woman, which manifests itself mainly in sex.

For some it’s a game, for others it’s a lifestyle, the only way to get satisfaction.

There are categories of women whom male helplessness does not repel, but excites. Some prefer to dominate their own kind.

Domina or mistress can put a puppy mask on her sub (subordinate), make him drink from a bowl and run on a leash, can ride him like a horse.
This is a small fraction of the numerous femdom scenarios that we will discuss below.

Femdom is not a matriarchy, as in the fairy tale “Morozko”, but a special system of relationships in which both partners are comfortable.


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