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Biggi1 - A giant Christmas 'Umu'
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2023, 05:43:16 AM »
Biggi1 - A giant Christmas 'Umu' 16 pages

Christmas is the season of joy and merriment, and what could be jollier than the quirky fetish of the Giantess? Biggi1 - A Giant Christmas 'Umu' is an erotic comic book that explores the appeal of a sexually explicit giantess fantasy. The story centers around the titular "Biggi1," a giant woman who loves to play around with her size and power while using her body for her own pleasure. As the holiday season approaches, Biggi1 decides to put her own naughty spin on it and dresses up as an immense holiday-themed umu, a Japanese onomatopoeia that describes a heavy sound or impact.

The art in the comic book is both expressive and erotic, with Biggi1's body taking center-stage. From her towering size and ample bust to her curvaceous butt and legs, readers can easily feel the appeal of the giantess fetish. As she strides through the snow-covered streets of her town, Biggi1 casts an intimidating yet seductive figure, her body dominating the landscape as she leaves steamy marks of her presence through her touch.

Accompanying Biggi1 on her festive adventures is a large cast of characters, all of whom match her size and power. There's her best friend, the equally giantess-y UmuGirl, and her love interest, the heroic yet horny hero Santa-kun. As the story progresses, Biggi


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