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Yakoi Morion - Dai Shiranui Mai
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2023, 04:21:50 AM »
Yakoi Morion - Dai Shiranui Mai 66 pages

Yakoi Morion - Dai Shiranui Mai is an exciting and titillating comic book for those with a giantess fetish. This story follows the titular character, Yakoi Morion, as she seeks out her ultimate pleasure.

Yakoi is a giantess who is deeply in love with the human realm. She is passionate about exploring the world in her oversized form, relentlessly searching for the ultimate thrill. With her towering height and immense strength, she is able to easily take matters into her own hands.

The giantess is irresistible to the human world. Though she stands in awe of the grand splendor of mankind, she also seeks out the thrill of destroying them. As the giantess voyages through the human realm, every living creature she comes across falls victim to her desire for destruction. Magnificent sweeping motions send them flying into the sky, and her gleeful cries can be heard throughout the land.

Yakoi's fetish is fulfilled as she continues her travels, devastating anything that crosses her path. In this comic, readers will be taken on an adventure to explore the giantess' journey as she discovers her own pleasure. Be prepared for an intense thrill ride as the giantess unleashes her innermost desires upon a world at her mercy.


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