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BeettleBomb - Haley's Secret
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2023, 03:25:46 AM »
BeettleBomb - Haley's Secret 548 pages
When Haley finds out that semen temporarily gives her the physique of her dreams, she quickly strikes a deal with a shady brothel owner. A man enters her life, presenting her with an opportunity to take her busty persona further than ever imagined.

Haley was more than just a normal girl. She had a secret passion for something that made many people around her feel uncomfortable - giantesses. She was obsessed with the idea of a giant woman, of someone so much larger than her that she would feel tiny in comparison.

Deep inside, she fantasized what it would be like to be small and helpless, controlled by a giantess, and even more so, she dreamed of controlling a giantess of her own. She reached out to the internet to find stories and images of giantesses, which she kept hidden away from the people around her.

One day, Haley stumbled across a comic book called BeettleBomb – Haley's Secret. It featured an even bigger secret than her own – the story of a powerful female superhero named Beettlebom who could shrink or grow to any size she desired. Beettlebom was a giantess who used her powers to fight evil and save the world.

Finally, Haley had a character to help her explore her secret fantasies. Through Beettlebom, Haley found the strength and courage she needed to accept her giantess fetish. She even found her own way to use Beettlebom's story to help others, by teaching and educating them about the power of giantesses.

Now, Haley proudly shares her story with the world. She loves to show people that giantesses can be powerful, and that having a fetish doesn't mean you


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