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OHH - Dependence
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2023, 03:07:40 AM »
OHH - Dependence 1245 pages
 on a Giantess

The fetish of the Giantess, known as GTS or Giantessism, is a type of sexual fantasy that focuses on the larger-than-life size of a partner. The fetish itself is rooted in a variety of psychological factors—some of which have roots in age play, domination/submission, and visual stimulation. But the most common factor in this fetish is the dependence that both partners feel on each other, further emphasized by the size difference.

For many, the Giantess is seen as a protector figure, and the mental/emotional connection to them is often stronger than the physical. The fetish itself is often centered around the dream of the Giantess. This dream is often described as a feeling of blissful fulfillment and the partner’s desire to be accepted for what they are. The Giantess is usually seen as a dominating figure, and the partner often finds it difficult to resist her power.

The Giantess is usually presented in a very maternal and caring way, although she can be seen as a disciplinarian or authoritative figure. For people who indulge in this fetish, being with a Giantess is seen as a safe and comforting experience, with the Giantess taking charge and leading the way. Some people are even able to achieve a feeling of total bliss in their relationship with a Giantess, where their own needs and desires are taken care of with a level of understanding and acceptance that is often hard to find


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