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KrazyKara666 - Giantesses in Another World
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2023, 01:02:08 PM »
KrazyKara666 - Giantesses in Another World 343 pages

KrazyKara666: Giantesses in Another World! is a comic book that delves into the fascinating world of giantesses. Giantess fetish or Macrophilia, as it is often known, is a sexual subculture that finds pleasure and excitement in the idea of giant women. In this comic, readers are taken on a wild journey as a group of adventurers explore a mysterious alternate world where they encounter giantesses and their giant-sized abilities.

The giantesses in this universe possess supernatural powers such as strength, invulnerability, and the ability to shrink their opponents. They also have other intriguing abilities, such as the ability to create earthquakes, manipulate the weather, and build cities. The comic further explores the giantesses' interactions with the world around them and some of the adventures they embark on.

Throughout the story, readers are treated to various romantic moments between the giantesses and their lovers in the original world. Additionally, some of the giantesses are depicted as powerful yet kind-hearted, while others are depicted as mischievous and calculating.

In each issue, the comic covers a wide range of topics that explore the many facets of Giantesses, including their relationships with humans and other creatures. From the thrilling action-packed battles to the slow-burning and passionate romances, the comic offers an original take on the giantess fetish. Readers can explore their own desires as they follow the various storylines and discover what it's like to be a


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