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AAABBBZZZ - Found at the Gym 16
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2023, 08:28:04 AM »
AAABBBZZZ - Found at the Gym 16 81 pages

Things start of well as Sara and Amber are able to grow themselves back to their regular sizes. But the new little guy Ray seems to be a bit defiant and doesn't seem to understand his place yet. After putting him somewhere safe for now, Sara returns to Libby's apartment where Rachel is having the time of her life with Pete. Using her mouth, the giantess has fun by doing something she thought Pete might enjoy. Afterwards Sara walks in to find her friend naked and messing around. But Rachel doesn't tell her about Pete and tries to convince her that he went missing. Keeping their secret, Rachel acts as if she found the little man trying to get her attention between her toes and Sara is able to grow him back to normal. This is where things make a turn as when they attempt to shrink Rachel back down, she grows even larger instead. Now almost bigger than the bedroom, they must repair the device before trying again. Back at Amber's home though, Libby and Amanda are locked away as Sara's mom tries to get some rest. When she lays down in her bedroom, Ray escapes the underwear drawer where he was hidden and is caught by the giantess. Giving her an attitude, Amber decides to teach this little guy a lesson as he does not know when to shut up as he calls her names. When it seemed like everything was returning to normal, it started to appear that Rachel and Amber were actually becoming addicted to their power as giantesses, and it was already too late to stop them from wanting to take advantage of it some more.


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