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JOB - Amazon Mom 2
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2023, 02:11:17 PM »
JOB - Amazon Mom 2 160 pages

Becky is insatiable! The 20-foot amazon just got out of jail for her little trampling accident. Margot, the mysterious wealthy woman who bailed her out, invites Becky over to dinner. But after Becky finishes a dozen plates of food, she learns that there's more on the menu than enchiladas! Margot hired two hunky gigolos to pleasure Becky. But can they handle 2,000 pounds of all-American woman?

No, they absolutely can't. After tearing off her expensive dress, Becky tells the beefcake gigolos to fuck her doggy style. But he's not big enough to satisfy the curvaceous Amazon from that position, Becky decides to take control. She goes on top, grabbing onto his arms and legs and yanking on them as she nears orgasm. Within a few minutes, Becky comes... And the gigolo is lying on the ground with broken bones.

While Margot takes care of the injured gigolo, Becky has her way with the other gigolo. He undresses, and Becky is pleasantly surprised to see that the svelte gigolo is extremely well-endowed. Becky gives him a blow job, before grinding on his face so long that she nearly smothers him. But when he slips away and escapes before Becky can even finish, Becky has to resort to drastic measures.

With her newfound strength, Becky climbs down the outside of the high-rise apartment building, and tracks him down in a parking lot. She picks him up by his arm and tosses him onto the hood of a nearby car. She uses her hands to get him hard again, before grinding on top of him. But while Becky is riding on top of him, she grows bigger and heavier. Soon, her weight is too much for the car to support, let alone the gigolo!


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