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Jyminish - Size Matters 6
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2023, 04:05:46 AM »
Jyminish - Size Matters 6 288 pages

Karl shrinks Amanda to a suitable size for a good spanking. She's punished for all her crimes. But Sophie have another opinion on Amanda, persuaded that she can help them ruin Goddess Astra’s plans. Will she be able to convince Karl to make peace with her, to prepare a secret war against Goddess Astra? Amanda’s undercover and combat skills may be a valuable asset.. Really..

Samantha and Justine love each other, they're a couple. It’s their first day as assistants at the Atanco Industries submarine base. But they were lied to.. Once arrived in the reception room, their clearances are removed and they become a part of a social experiment. Goddess Astra will test her new super-weapon on the two young and beautiful lovebirds, to create huge size differences between them, in both directions (with role reversal). She’ll harass them, trying to destroy love between them, making them incompatible, by pleasure.

Melina will become Goddess Quanta, against her will. Karen (a new female character) will be voluntary to become Goddess Sentilla. Goddess Astra (Nastasia, Atanco Industries CEO) will have to keep them and their power under control, until their brainwashing to make them fully loyal and


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