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RFD - Grudge Match 3
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2022, 09:39:54 AM »
RFD - Grudge Match 3 190 pages

Anna, a powerful Amazon wrestler, was imprisoned by an even more bigger giantess in the central American desert. She's let out on one condition: that she acts as an operative for the shadowy organization that kept her prisoner. She proves her loyalty by tracking down and killing an old rival of hers, another amazon who she once wrestled with years ago.

One year later, Anna has grown into a 35-foot tall giantess, with thick curves and powerful muscles. She's a hardened warrior, but even she's not ready for her next mission. It started out simple enough: take out the members of a rival cartel in a remote desert town. These cartel thugs have surprisingly powerful guns, strong enough to hurt even her.

Anna smashes her way through the town, smashing cartel goons and unfortunate bystanders alike with her massive body. After an IED sends her flying through an apartment building, Ann wants revenge. She tracks down the goons who did it, some cartel thugs in T-shirts and cheap pistols. But soon, she's up against cartel operatives with military gear, who she smashes with her hands. Just when she thinks she's in the clear, Anna is ambushed by two tanks! And then, Anna finds something even more unexpected...


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