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RFD - Emily 4
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2022, 01:50:16 PM »
RFD - Emily 4 192 pages

Things start off with Emily and Madison crashing a garden party. A hundred-foot tall Madison drops off an Amazon-sized Emily. When the gifts aren't fancy enough for Emily's liking, her and Madison start eating and squishing on the guests, until there's no one left! But after they leave the party, Emily is dismayed to realize that there's no one left in her town... so they decide to walk to a nearby city!

After taking a desert highway, and crushing cars and people underfoot, Madison ends up in the big city... but before they can properly rampage, Emily's got to get a lot bigger! She goes to a nearby bar, and after one of the patrons insults her, Emily outgrows the building from the inside, bringing it down around her. Now giant, Emily stomps on the barfiles, and swallows a cop!

Then, Emily and Madison go to the big game. Madison steps into the stadium and chases down the football players and steps on them one after another, while Emily grows even bigger. Now gigantic, Emily walks into the stadium and sits down on the bleachers... and tells Madison to fill her full of football players! Madison stuffs Emily's holes with the tiny men, then goes down on her, and Emily screams in pleasure!


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