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RFD - Girl's Night
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2022, 11:30:31 AM »
RFD - Girl's Night 166 pages

For three giant girls, it's just a fun night out. For the city, it's a disaster.

Three giant gal-pals who drifted apart years ago catch up by going out for a night on the town! They leave their enclave and go to a 'tiny town,' where the people are 'only' six feet tall! Adele and Becky want to paint the town red, but nerdy Cynthia is worried about the poor tiny people. She keeps killing the mood by getting mad when her friends make a tiny person into a snack!

Cynthia's friends want her to loosen up and learn to enjoy being a giantess. When they find out Cynth has never been with a man before, her friends get her to practice giving a blow-job to a tiny. After she accidentally hurts him, it's Cynthia's job to finish the tiny man off by crushing him under her shoe! Then, to put Cynthia in a better mood, they go to a tiny brewery. Becky sneaks a tiny woman into a barrel of beer before giving it to Cynthia, and then uses peer pressure to get Cynthia to swallow the tiny. "Come on, slurp that tiny bitch!"

While Cynthia is still in disbelief that she ate a tiny, Adele and Becky are living it up. They down handfuls of tinies, which escalates into them tossing tinies into each other's mouths. Finally, Becky yells "Tiny fight!" and throws a handful of tinies at her friend. That's the final straw for Cynthia, who yells at her friends for carelessly tossing around tiny people. But her lecture is cut short when Adele gently shoves her onto a building, which is flattened by Cynthia's behind. A furious Cynthia isn't going to let it end there, and things escalate into even bigger destruction...


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