Author Topic: Bratty Foot Girls-The Last Laugh SFX - Ama Sunshine & Mandy  (Read 2063 times)

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Bratty Foot Girls-The Last Laugh SFX - Ama Sunshine & Mandy
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2022, 01:53:50 PM »

The Last Laugh SFX Epic
Starring: Ama Rio, Sunshine Tampa, Mandy Wolf, Jason Ninja
Rated: R - language
Runtime: 23 minutes
Clip Features: Micro, Unaware, Foot Crush, Sneakers, Barefeet, Booms, Slo-mo, Music, Sound FX, Shrinking, lots of near misses

Jason's Father had gotten re-married a year ago to a Hot younger woman named Ama. The recently widowed Ama was seen as a perfect trophy wife by Mr Ninja sr. After returning from a European trip however, Mr Ninja Sr had mysteriously disappeared. Ama was the last person to have seen him alive. Jason has been beside himself. He contacted the police and has gone over to visit his step-mom in an attempt to get all the info they have gathered for the police to start the search for him. Ama has gathered all documents regarding his fortune, she's sure his Mr Ninja will never return and had somehow left a letter stating he wanted his fortune to go to her. All she needs now is Jason's signature On it.

Ama has a devious plan in store - She intends on making Jason disappear much like his Mr Ninja Sr after making him sign over the fortune- by shrinking him to micro size and disposing of him however she feels. However, she doesn't know Jason's new girlfriend Mandy is on the way over to help them gather intel on the missing person, along with her stepmom, Special Agent Sunshine - A cop who specializes in missing person cases. Ama may have met her match now. Jason has one chance to try to get his girlfriend's attention before his giant evil stepmom crushes him like a bug. However, this may prove to be the hardest thing he's ever had to do as both Mandy and her stepmom have no idea he's been shrunk so tiny. However they are very suspicious of Ama from the get go. Now begins the epic cat and mouse battle!


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