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Mant Man-Ms. Muse GTS Teacher FX
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2022, 11:18:39 AM »

Hey guys! MantMan here to bring you another video!
This video takes place in a world where the virus has just started breaking out and people are starting to adjust to it.
The teacher was tasked of watching a tiny student while they take their test.
The teacher walks in and doesn't see him at first but after finding him she gives them his test and then leaves to run a quick errand.
When she returns she begins grading papers and completely forgets about the tiny student
Tired from her long day at work and being in heels she puts her feet up on the desk to relax as she is finishing up some paperwork.
The tiny student who is still taking their test is now greeted with her enormous worn out soles.
The smell and the constant shifting and shaking causes the student to lose concentration so he has to try and get her attention to move her feet so that he can continue taking the test.

That's basically the premise. Should be noted though that I built the script for this film to be very simple. So if you're going into this thinking that there's going to be wild shots or something extremely new that's not happening with this video. I believe it's only like 35 shots total where as a normal film of mine has around 90 to 100 shots.
It's more of a unaware teasing video. Lots of feet soles and her degrading tiny people
Let me know what you think of @the.sole.muse and follow her on instagram!
Anyway I really hope you enjoy and as always expect more!
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