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Duration: 0:21:27
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Size: 1.25 GB[].mp4

Catch Me If You Can 2 - SFX - Indica - HD 1080p MP4

Starring: Indica Jane as Ashley, Jason Ninja as Josh / Tiny Josh.
Rated M - Language, Vore
Length: 21 Minutes

Clip Features: Shrinking, Unaware, Aware, Vore, Body Exploration, In belly Shot, Feet, Special FX, Music, Sound FX.

A year has gone by and Ashley has kept the tiny version of her boyfriend Josh as her tiny pet. Josh, still not happy about it has been working on a new shrinking helmet. He is determined to catch his tiny clone and has figured out the only way to get him back is to shrink himself down and attempt to capture the clone without Ashley's being aware. He manages to scan Ashley's body whilst she's watching TV and locates the clone.

He activates the helmet shrinking him down to a couple inches in height and then proceeds to climb onto Ashley's foot. She soon gets tired and takes a nap.

Now Josh finds himself at her giant barefoot on the couch. He knows the clone is somewhere up by her face, so he has no otehr choice but to start the long run up her body. Unfortunately the clone spots him and makes a dash for her face to try to alert her. Will Josh capture his clone in time or will the clone once again get the upper hand on him?

Starring: Indica Jane, Jason Ninja
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