Author Topic: Bratty Foot Girls / The Colossal GIGANTICA – SFX – Sunshine Tampa – HD 1080p MP4  (Read 1465 times)

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Doctor Drat is on the edge of a HUGE discovery. He’s been working for months perfecting a new growth serum to get his plastic surgery business on top of the world. If his calculations are correct this new serum will drastically grow the breasts of his rich and famous clients. His only issue is finding a human guinea pig to experiment on.

He has ordered a specimen off the dark web and soon the frightened woman arrives half naked and in a collar. He’s paid top dollar to get the most ideal woman he could as he assures her everything will be fine as the needle pierces her skin. Doctor Drat stands back as the serum takes effect, the woman – starts feeling strange and soon before both their very eyes her breasts start expanding! The Doctor is very pleased as she screams at the size of her HUGE breasts! IT WORKED!

The doctor admires his work but soon notices something odd. She seems to still be growing, but not just her breasts, her entire body! He makes a run for it to his car and drives off as the woman gets bigger and bigger! Soon she is a GIANTESS! She towers over the city scape, at first frightened by her new size, but soon she grows to enjoy the power she now wields. She spots the doctors car trying to escape as she brings her giant foot down on his roof pinning the car flat under her sole. She toys with the idea of crushing him like a bug in his little tin car, laughing at his fear! Soon she picks him up in his car and decides to put him between her gigantic breasts! The car rattles and crinkles as her massive boobs press around him.

Gigantica is having too much fun with her new massive tits as the tiny Doctor holds on for dear life. She dumps his tiny body into her hand and she throws the car down and crushes it flat under her foot! Now she has a better idea for the Doctor as she dangles him above her giant gaping mouth! She savours him for a few minutes before devouring him.

Now Gigantica is ready to take on the world and destroy whatever comes in her path!

Video Length : 13 min 51 s
Video Size : 1.01 GB
Video type: mp4
Video Resolution : 1920×1080


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