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SizeChange - Tina's Wish
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2022, 09:52:43 AM »
SizeChange - Tina's Wish 120 pages

Kayla and Taylor are the cheer team captains. Tina tries out to be a captain as well, but they tell her she isn't tall enough. Tina is really upset, but a magical fairy visits her. It's Camille. She grants her one wish, and Tina wishes that she could be big while making Kayla and Taylor small. Camille grants the wish and suddenly Tina starts slowing growing bigger. While this starts, Kayla and Taylor start slowly shrinking smaller and smaller. Tina comes up to them and started making fun of them for being the small ones now. She continues to grow bigger and bigger while taunting the 2 other shrinking girls. She makes Kayla climb her giant body and teases them for a bit in just her underwear. By the time that Kayla and Taylor are micro-sized, Tina is wondering if she can find more people. Suddenly Tina snaps out of her daydream to find that she is actually the one that shrunk. Kayla and Taylor are both looking down at the tiny Tina confused on how this happened. Kayla picks her up and Tina is confused while Kayla explains that she just randomly shrunk down. Tina then shrinks even smaller before Kayla drops her in her bra and they try and figure out how this all happened....


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