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MantInTheHand - Manteater
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2023, 11:47:15 PM »
MantInTheHand - Manteater 36 pages

The comic book MantInTheHand is about giantesses and their manteater fetishes. A giantess is a woman of gigantic stature, usually larger than average human size. They often have supernatural or superhuman powers, and many people find them to be attractive. Manteater fetishes involve giantesses using their size and power to control and subjugate smaller creatures, usually men, in a sexual way.

The comic revolves around the giantesses and their manteater fetishes. It follows the giantess Minya and her quest to explore and understand her own manteater fetishes. She soon discovers that manteater fetishes are more than just a source of pleasure, but also a way for her to explore and express her identity. Along the way, she meets other giantesses with their own manteater fetishes, and learns more about the concept.

MantInTheHand is a unique comic for fans of giantesses and those with manteater fetishes. The artwork is dark and gritty, with detailed art that helps bring the characters to life. The story follows Minya's journey, exploring her manteater fetishes and ultimately learning to accept and embrace them. It's a great read for those interested in giantesses and manteater fetishes, and fans of the genre won't be disappointed.


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