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ThuwaGTS - Final Fantasy 7 Giantess - Cloud's tiny Misadventure
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2023, 11:13:01 PM »
ThuwaGTS - Final Fantasy 7 Giantess - Cloud's tiny Misadventure 491 pages
After hearing the cruel rumor of Shinra's secret laboratory, Cloud infiltrated to stop the inhuman experiment.
But he came in the worst timing possible.
Because Scarlet had finished the ultimate weapon - 'Steal Materia'
And she decided to use it on Cloud!
What would happen to the unfortunate Avalanche??

In the world of Final Fantasy 7, the mysterious giantess ThuwaGTS is a being almost as powerful as the gods themselves. Her mission is to challenge adventurers and champions to fight for her favor. In this comic book, we join Cloud Strife and his party as they journey into the depths of ThuwaGTS's mystical realm. Cloud and his companions are soon confronted with a challenge of a lifetime: survive the trials of ThuwaGTS and her giantess fetish.

The first challenge of the giantess fetish is to confront the giantess herself. Cloud and his party must traverse the precarious cliffs, dodging ThuwaGTS's magical attacks and trying to get close enough to her to talk. Once they reach her, they are given a choice: accept her fetish and prove their worth, or be crushed and turned into tiny specks of dust. In order to pass the challenge, they must agree to all of ThuwaGTS's commands, no matter how strange they may seem.

Once this first challenge is complete, Cloud and the others must move on to the second trial. They are given a tiny ball of energy that will shrink them down into tiny figures, and they must move about the giantess's lair and dodge her attacks while taking care not to be crushed. After they prove their worth, ThuwaGTS rewards them with a treasure trove of items and knowledge that will aid them in their journey.

Ultimately, ThuwaG


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