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TetsuGTS - Dream Resort
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2023, 10:13:45 PM »
TetsuGTS - Dream Resort 676 pages

Welcome to TetsuGTS - Dream Resort, a comic book about an unlikely fantasy world based in a resort. In this secluded paradise, giantesses indulge in their deepest desires as they tower over the landscape, enjoying activities that only they can partake in.

The giantesses of Dream Resort are all unique in their individual identities, but their biggest bond is their shared appreciation for a fetish known as Giantessism. This fetish is also known as macrophilia, and it involves enjoying or fantasizing about the idea of giantesses as powerful, sometimes larger than life, figures.

At Dream Resort, the giantesses take pride in their size and use it to their advantage. They are powerful and dominant, crushing small objects in their hands, creating massive structures, and intimidating those around them. It is the ultimate form of control and pleasure for the giantesses.

The comic follows their adventures as they explore their newfound power and the wonders of the resort, giving readers a unique and entertaining look into the world of Giantessism. All the while, the giantesses’ unique personalities and quirks shine through, making them even more lovable and endearing than ever before.

For those interested in Giantessism or looking for a unique and creative take on this popular fetish, TetsuGTS - Dream Resort is the perfect comic book for you. Come join these giantesses on their epic journey of self-discovery, and experience the power and pleasure


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