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Libra - Commission - Aruna's Wedding
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2023, 07:36:32 PM »
Libra - Commission - Aruna's Wedding 1 pages

Libra - Commission - Aruna's Wedding is a comic book about a giantess with a fetish. Aruna, a giantess from a mythical land, is set to marry the prince of her kingdom. However, before she can wed, she must complete a series of tasks given to her by the gods. The tasks involve her using her immense height and strength to help others, as well as completing a number of unusual activities that involve her fetish - giantess domination.

Throughout the comic, Aruna fights off monsters, helps people in need, and uses her height to get out of dangerous situations. She also enjoys the occasional task involving her fetish, such as squashing objects under her feet or carrying a whole village around in the palm of her hand. As she completes her tasks, Aruna realizes the impact her actions have on those she helps and learns to appreciate her own size and power.

Overall, Libra - Commission - Aruna's Wedding is a fun comic with an interesting take on the giantess fetish. Aruna's journey is both exciting and heartwarming, as she learns to embrace and accept her giantess identity while also helping those around her. Fans of giantess fetishes and fantasies will definitely enjoy this comic, and it may even be a great introduction to those who are curious about this particular kind of kink.


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