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B00tySweat - Shrunken Simulation
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2023, 07:05:20 AM »
B00tySweat - Shrunken Simulation 29 pages
While snooping in his stepsisters room, Jake finds a brand new simulated reality headset. He swipes it thinking he'll be able to play some 4D video games, but what he doesn’t know is that his stepsis, Sarah, is one of the biggest creators of giantess sims, and he’s about to test run her latest works.

In B00tySweat – Shrunken Simulation, readers are taken on a wild and exciting journey of adventure and fantasy. It's a story about a young man who is shrunken down and placed into a video game simulation where he must complete a series of tasks in order to grow back to his normal size.

What makes this story so unique and captivating is that the game simulation is inside of a giantess's virtual reality world. The giantess is a sexy, powerful and awe-inspiring character that puts the hero to the test as he goes up against her challenges. Throughout the story, readers are brought into a world of exploration and excitement as they learn more about the Giantess's fetish.

The Giantess's fetish is a unique one that involves dominance, control and submission. She has a deep desire to control the way things are and to keep her domain in order. As a result, she is constantly looking to establish power and authority over those around her. As the hero progresses through the various levels of the game, he will come to understand the Giantess's fetish and the power dynamics between them.

Ultimately, the game gives readers an exciting and thrilling adventure that will leave them wanting more. It is a great way to explore the Giantess's mysterious fetish and understand the power dynamic it entails. B00tySweat – Shrunken Simulation is a great comic to indulge in if you're a fan


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