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RedFireDog - Celebrity Crush 1
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2023, 05:16:48 AM »
RedFireDog - Celebrity Crush 1 238 pages
A giant farm girl goes to Hollywood, and embraces her dark side! Encouraged by her agent, Liz "accidentally" squishes people. Then, she crashes a movie premiere, eating actors and actresses, and growing even bigger!

The Giantess Fetish is a growing subculture of people who find themselves aroused by the idea of giant women dominating and controlling them. It is often associated with macrophilia, which is a strong attraction to giant characters or figures.

The Giantess Fetish can take many forms, from giant women dominating helpless tiny men to giant women crushing their way through cities and destroying all in their path. It is often seen in Japanese anime, hentai, and manga, but is gaining popularity in the Western world.

In RedFireDog – Celebrity Crush 1, readers get to experience the Giantess Fetish in a whole new way. The story follows the billionaire Widowmaker, who has decided to take revenge on the city he feels has wronged him by creating a giantess clone of the city’s biggest pop star. The giantess quickly sets about dominating the city, crushing buildings and destroying anything in her path.

The giantess is a powerful figure, and Widowmaker is able to control her for his own ends. As the story progresses, Widowmaker gets more and more creative with his use of the giantess, and readers get to experience the Giantess Fetish in all its glory. From crushing buildings to dominating everyday citizens, Widowmaker uses the giantess to its fullest extent.

Eventually the giantess escapes Widowmaker’s control, and the citizens of the city are left to deal with her rampage. All throughout, readers


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