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Khooza - In the Stone
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2023, 05:02:31 AM »
Khooza - In the Stone 97 pages

The Stone Kingdom is a magical place, where giantesses roam and have a particular fetish. They are drawn to the allure of small, seemingly powerless creatures, such as humans and elves. They enjoy being able to fulfill their desires and take control of the situations with their imposing size and strength.

The giantesses of the Stone Kingdom are irresistible forces that have become a source of fascination and fantasy for many. They are known to take whatever they want, as they are immensely powerful and have an affinity for things that are much smaller than them.

The giantesses of the Stone Kingdom have been known to capture small creatures and keep them as pets, take them on adventures, or even just have fun torturing and enslaving them. Some giantesses are prone to cruelty and take delight in tormenting their victims, while others are kindhearted and generous, and take pleasure in helping the little people around them.

Khooza is one of the most powerful giantesses in the Stone Kingdom. She has a particular fondness for elves, and will often take them on grand adventures, as her loyal subjects. Khooza is also a protector of those in need and can help the little people in times of distress.

The giantess's fetish is something that is both feared and respected in the Stone Kingdom, and its presence is a constant reminder of its power. Despite the fact that giantesses are often seen as cruel and merciless monsters, they also have a


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