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Gtsx3d - Gluttonous Freaks Remake
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2023, 04:47:09 AM »
Gtsx3d - Gluttonous Freaks Remake 1 pages

Gtsx3d - Gluttonous Freaks Remake is a comic book about the Giantess's fetish. This comic explores the idea of giant women using their immense power and appetite to dominate and devour the tiny beings they come across.

The comic follows several characters who are tiny in comparison to the giant women they encounter. As they explore the world of the giant women, they are often placed in precarious situations where they must use all their wit and courage to survive. From trying to escape captivity in giant castles to battling for survival in gladiatorial arenas, the characters must face both physical and mental challenges if they want to emerge unscathed.

The giant women, on the other hand, satisfy their gluttonous needs by consuming the tiny people and objects they find. While some of the giant women are cruel and malicious, others merely enjoy the taste of the tiny creatures and the thrill of domination. Their massive size also allows the giant women to create massive edifices of food and pleasure for their own enjoyment.

The comic combines fantasy and horror to create an exciting and unique exploration of the Giantess's fetish. While readers get a glimpse of the world of these giant women, each character is shown to have their own unique motivations and beliefs. As the characters confront the giant women in an effort to escape, readers get to experience the thrill and horror of giantesses in all their glory.


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