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Art by Vorifax
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2023, 02:50:17 PM »
Art by Vorifax 286 pages

One of our best threads yet. I think we got this far in the outro still no one has managed to get a suggestion to match. Well I did get a suggestion that you put a bra on her and we can explain what that means in comments! --John_Riley Hey since no one came up with a good idea. I guess I will give you another one! --John_Riley

When she becomes a bad lady, just have her have all of her clothing ripped off and have her giantess form to show off her giantess penis. --Lord Adm

I second that idea! John_Riley and lord adm!


i guess you seem to be that mom that always wants to talk or blab about something and i bet you think you're a super smart butt loader

i mean go give it a try

but you know you're not. turn into a giantess and you'll be able to talk to everyone you know for days and test everything you say.

--Giantess Yumi

i actually already have a giantess desire so im not trying to talk with anyone for hours but at least i have a new idea to try to promote the giantess of my dreams! tummy's
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