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SedesDiS - Call me Lania 3
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2023, 03:48:43 AM »
SedesDiS - Call me Lania 3 73 pages

The seductive stories of Lania captivate the imaginations of many. Lania is a giantess, and she loves to use her size to her advantage. She loves to be the one in control, to make her playmates helpless in her overwhelming size and power.

For Lania, being a giantess is more than just a novelty--it's a fetish. A giantess fetish is a sexual fetish for women of gigantic size. These women, like Lania, are usually larger than normal-sized people, often times towering over them.

The stories in this comic book feature Lania as she uses her size to overpower and dominate her partners. Her giantess antics are always exciting, and she loves to make her tiny playmates feel overwhelmed by her size. Often times, her giantess activities also include elements of humiliation, and SM, which she enjoys immensely.

The comic book celebrates this giantess fetish and showcases how Lania uses her size to dominate and tease her partners. Whether she's squashing them with her feet, using them as footstools, or simply looming over them as a reminder of her giantess power, Lania loves every minute of it.

For those that are looking for something new and exciting, SedesDiS - Call me Lania 3 is a great way to explore Lania's giantess fetish. Her stories are sure to inspire, titillate, and thrill those who indulge


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