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Khooza - In the Stone
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2023, 10:47:33 AM »
Khooza - In the Stone 95 pages
 of Giants

Khooza: In the Stone of Giants is an exciting fantasy comic book series about a giantess named Khooza who is obsessed with giant-sized objects and beings. Khooza has a giantess fetish which is described as an attraction to people, objects, or activities that involve humans being larger than they naturally are.

Khooza was originally a tall, strong woman from the village of Freyl. She had an affinity for giant objects and beings that began from a young age. During her travels, Khooza encountered a powerful wizard who bestowed upon her a magical stone. With the help of the wizard, she was able to harness the powers of the stone and grow to many times her natural size.

Khooza now uses her newfound strength and size to engage in activities related to her giantess fetish. She searches for and collects giant objects such as furniture, sculptures, and even animals, and loves to interact with other giant beings she comes across. However, she also knows that her giantness can be a dangerous tool and has to be careful not to bring destruction in her wake.

In her adventures, Khooza learns more about her own desires and the possibilities of giantess fetish and its place in the world. She also discovers the power and danger it can bring, and must use her magic stone responsibly in order to protect the people she loves. The story of Khooza is sure to be filled with action, adventure


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