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RedFireDog - Gigantocracy 2
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2023, 09:35:01 PM »
RedFireDog - Gigantocracy 2 183 pages

The Divoreaux family's power is unquestionable. Kingdoms from all around the world pay them tribute, not because of their armies, but because of the family themselves. Each of the royal ladies stands more than fifty feet tall, but their true power resides in their crowns, which they can use to grow truly gigantic!

Sable conquered the world more than two decades ago, but her security comes crashing down. After a failed assassination attempt, it's clear that she still has powerful rivals who are desperate to take down the royal family. There's only one way to be safe... Waging war on the world, and devouring the noble women who ruled over their vassal kingdoms!

The royal family sets off to battle together, an army unto themselves. The fortress they attack is heavily fortified, with siege weapons, archers and hundreds of spearmen. It would be difficult for an army to siege, but the royal women are more powerful than any army. The queen stands back and lets her daughters wipe the floor with the spearmen, crushing them underfoot with ease. The oldest princess smashes through the castle walls, destroying it with a single kick.

The ruler of the kingdom shows herself, a fierce Amazonian noblewoman. Two sisters reach for her, and a fight breaks out between them. Both of the princesses want to devour the noblewoman. Whoever eats the noblewoman will reclaim her royal blood, making them grow even bigger, but only one of them can...


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