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Brattty Foot Girls - SpringBreakers SFX Epic 4 Girl - HD 1080p MP4
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2022, 04:06:47 AM »

Starring: Lily Larimar, Charly Summer, Jazmin Luv, Penelope Kay, Jason Ninja
Runtime: 28 minutes
Rated R: Language, Horror
Clip Features: Barefoot Crushes, Vore, Hand Crush, Music, Sound FX, Booms, Slow-mo, POV, Special FX, Full Nudity, Masturbation, Unaware, Aware, Pranks.

It's 2028, scientists have identified a radioactive meteor heading towards to city of Los Bratos. The city tries it's best to convince it's residents to seek shelter and leave the city, however half the city think it's all a lie from the government and refuse to leave. The day is upon them as true to the scientists word, the meteor strikes! It's radiation affecting all who stayed behind. After a few days, the residents start to suddenly shrink down to a bugs size.

Slowly after a few months the other residents return to life as normal. They have grown to accept the fate of the tinies. They did choose this fate after all. Some take pity on them, while others treat them like the bugs they are, not caring what happens to them as this was a product of their own bad decision making.

1 year passes and a group of Co-eds - Lily, Jazmin, Charly
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